What happens when an artist becomes blocked or is searching for new ideas for his or her work? In his book, Art From Intuition, Dean Nimmer draws on his 38 years as a dynamic and skilled art educator to offer new paths to overcome barriers and be fully engaged in the process of making art. With over 60 innovative exercises – painting blindfolded, drawing moving figures, composing with candle smoke – this book motivates the reader to step beyond traditional techniques to find their own original artistic voice.

“Art from Intuition is a gem of a book and one of the best guides that I have read for those hoping to initiate and sustain the practice of artistic expression.”
Shaun McNiff – Artist, teacher and author of Trust the Process and many books on creativity.

“This book is just excellent and I will be recommending it to my students and colleagues constantly! This is the gold standard, as far as I am concerned – not just for artists but for anyone who wants to enrich his or her life through art making.
Adria Arch – Artist, teacher and former student of Professor Dean Nimmer

“Nimmer sends us on a richly illustrated journey into the process of productive artistic work. He gives us great insight into the improvisational and dynamic dimensions of visual art. The book is also wonderfully made and beautiful to look at.”
Stephen Nachmanovitch – artist, musician, teacher and author of Free Play.

“This visionary book could only come from the joyful and original mind of Dean Nimmer. As an art teacher I recognize it as a powerful new tool for the classroom. Offering more than helpful advise for beginner to advanced level students alike, it has the power to jumpstart creativity.”
Monika Andersson – Artist, teacher, Groton School, Groton Massachusetts

“Dean Nimmer’s teaching completely changed my notion of what it means to be an artist. The spirit of play Dean fostered led me to use materials and methods I had loved as a child, and I believe working intuitively is the only way I can make work that comes from the real me!”
Amy Baxter MacDonald – Artist, teacher and former student of Professor Dean Nimmer

“Art From Intuition may be used as a textbook, providing instructors with literally dozens of carefully designed artistic exercises that could easily be structured into the curriculum of any dynamic studio art course.”
Ted Orland – Artist, teacher and co-author of Art and Fear


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