This is the final list of workshop dates and descriptions that I’m offering this summer. Again this summer, I’m offering the workshops for half price if you buy a season pass – see details below.

Workshop 14w Workshop-17w Workshop-15w Workshop 19w







1. Painting, Drawing and Monoprint (mingled) Sunday, June 30 – 11am to 3pm

We will create monoprints, (one-of-a-kind prints), using Plexiglas plates, collagraphs, direct transfer and hand-rubbed printing techniques in combination with collage, drawing and painting methods to achieve unique and dramatic results in your art.

Workshop 14w

2. Steampunk and Artrad for Beginners – Sunday, July 21 – 11am to 3pm

In an attempt to be on the cutting edge of the art scene in Holyoke, I will show you some of the little known secrets to becoming a Steampunk or Artrad (I made that up) mega-groupie. This is your chance to make drawings, paintings and collages that are just outright ridiculous and bizarre without feeling any remorse. We will explore bad taste and political incorrectness using things that are black, unserviceable zippers, broken watch parts and advanced ray gun design. In other words, this will be a day of irreverent art fun for all who attend!

3. “Realism/Abstraction – Landscape Studies” Saturday, July 27 (rain date Sunday July 28) – 10am to 4pm

This special 6-hour workshop spotlights the commonalities and contrasts between rendering observed subject matter realistically or abstractly. This plein air landscape workshop focuses on different ways to select and interpret subjects to draw or paint that accentuate either a realistic or abstract outcome. During the class, Paul and I will alternate teaching the group several hands-on techniques for rendering subjects in each artistic form.

4. “Art By Accident” – Sunday, August 11 – 11am to 3pm (Back by popular demand)

Think of this as a journey into the realm of the “happy accident” where risk-taking and chance are the key players directing your unplanned drawing and painting compositions to unexpectedly good (or at least interesting) results. Starting from loose and informal projects, we will artistically answer the Clint Eastwood question – “Are ya feeling lucky today?”


5. “Is It Done?” – Sunday, August 18 – 11am to 3pm

This is a discussion/critique class that addresses one of the maddening questions that plagues all artists – “Is this artwork finished?” Everyone is invited to bring up to three, realistic or abstract, 2D or 3D works for a group dialog considering whether your artworks are underdone, marvelous as is or resemble an overcooked pot roast. The objective for this workshop is to gain a clearer perspective on what factors come into play when deciding a work is finished so that you can more confidently say, “This piece is done!”

6. Stop Whining and Draw! – Sunday, August 25 – 11am to 3pm (Back by popular demand)

This is a non-stop, no time to think or whine, drawing session that emphasizes passion, process and pleasure over fussy, analytical picture making. This marathon session will explore many different techniques and subjects using paint, charcoal, pastels and mixed media combinations. We will create to upbeat music for the pure enjoyment of it all!

My workshops are geared to all levels of experience and most of the materials you’ll need are provided as part of the tuition.

All of the individual 4-hour workshops are $100 per session taken separately. A summer season pass that covers admission to all 5 of the 4-hour workshops is $250. The special team-taught, 6-hour Realism and Abstraction workshop is $200 if taken separately or it is included in a all-class summer pass for $350.


Workshops take place at the Gateway City Arts building at 92 Race Street, Holyoke, MA 01040.

To reserve a place in an individual workshop or make a deposit on a season pass, please send a $50 deposit check made out to: Dean Nimmer 146 Allyn St, Holyoke, MA 01040

Contact Dean Nimmer for more information about the lineup of spring workshops for 2013 at – deannimmer@gmail.com

I will send everyone directions to Gateway City Arts and a recommended list of materials beyond those provided in an email a week prior to the workshop you are enrolled in.

Professor Emeritus, Dean Nimmer, is the author of the successful book, “Art from Intuition” and the former Chair of Fine Arts at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Professor Nimmer is the 2010 winner of the “Distinguished Teaching of Art Award” given by the College Art Association, the 2011 Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of Wisconsin and he’s listed in the Marcus, Who’s Who in American Art for 2013.


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