Announcing the new workshops given by Dean Nimmer in Holyoke this
summer. These workshops are designed for adults with any level of
artistic background, from novices to those with extensive experience
in painting, drawing or printmaking.

Exploring Abstract Art
Sat and Sun, May 19 + 20 – 11am to 4pm each day
This workshop uses innovative techniques to expand the inroads into
the vibrant world of abstract expression. We will explore new painting
and drawing projects based on working abstractly from observation,
memory and from your uninhibited imagination. These projects will be
part of a new book I’m writing for Random House to be published in the
spring of 2013.

Summer Art Workshops for adults and kids Northampton area Holyoke, MA summer 2102 art classes and workshops taught by painter art teacher Dean NimmerStop Whining and Draw!
Sunday, June 24 – 1pm to 6pm – also Sunday, August 19 – 1pm to 6pm
This will be a 5-hour, non-stop, no time to think or whine, drawing
session that emphasizes passion, process and pleasure over fussy,
analytical picture making. This marathon session will explore many
different techniques and subjects using paint, charcoal, pastels and
mixed media combinations. We will create to upbeat music for the pure
enjoyment of it all!

Sunday, July 1 – 1pm to 6pm
Like the Marathon Drawing workshop, Collage-a-thon will be a 5-hour,
non-stop, no time to think or whine, collage making session that
emphasizes passion, process and fun over fussy, analytical picture
making. We will explore with abandon many different 2D and 3D collage
techniques using paper, cardboard, metal and wood scraps scavenged
from attics, cellars, garages, flea markets and the trash. Again, the
goal for the day is to MAKE as much as we can with no critiques, no
guilt and no thinking about “good or bad art”.

Water-based Printing, Painting and Drawing Workshop
Sat and Sun, August 4 + 5 – 11am to 4pm each day
This solvent-free workshop uses water-based inks to create mixed media
monotype compositions. We will be using hand rubbed techniques for
combining drawing, painting and printmaking processes together to
achieve unique and dramatic results in your art.

Art from Intuition Workshop
Sat and Sun, August 11 + 12 – 11am to 4pm each day
Based on the book of the same name, the Art from Intuition workshop is
a hands-on artmaking class exploring many unique techniques that will
enhance your creativity and imaginative thinking. This fun and
energetic workshop shows how to remove obstacles that block creativity
in order to free your passionate artistic spirit.

Participants may take a single day workshop on a Saturday or Sunday
for $125 per day or a full 2-day workshop for $200. Please contact
Dean at deannimmer[at]gmail[dot]com for more details on the workshops and
information on how to register.

You can also request information about two week-long intensive
workshops given by Dean Nimmer in July:
Montserrat College of art in Beverly, MA

Art New England, Bennington, VT (Sorry, this workshop is full)

These workshops are led by Professor Emeritus Dean Nimmer, author of
the successful book, “Art from Intuition” and the former Chair of Fine
Arts at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Professor Nimmer is
the 2010 winner of the “Distinguished Teaching of Art Award” given by
the 16,000-member College Art Association and the 2011 Distinguished
Alumnus Award from the University of Wisconsin.

Email: deannimmer[at]gmail[dot]com
Website: www.deannimmer.com
Book: www.artfromintuition.com


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