See Dean Nimmer’s new book, Creating Abstract Art, Ideas and Inspirations for Passionate Art Making, now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart and bookstores across the country.

*NOTE: Due to logistics and time constraints, I’m unable to continue offering my books for sale on my websites.  After I fill the orders placed as of December 20, 2014, I will  no longer offer my books or artworks for sale. Please purchase my books at your local book store or on Amazon. I still give out original mini-drawings at book signings and my workshops.

Creating Abstract Art is the best selling art book in the United States and Europe right now and that excitement is in just in pre-sales before the book appeared in bookstores on October 3.

With over 6,000 copies sold, booksellers large and small have picked it up across the country, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Walmart. It is completely unheard of for an art book to sell that many copies before it’s release date, says the publisher, North Light Books.  The book also achieved a 4.9 of 5-star rating on Amazon with RAVE reviews from readers who left comments such as – “Brilliant!” – “Lightening in a bottle!” – “A must have!” – “The real deal!” – “Inspiring!” – “Go for it!”

I know that many of you already wrote seller comments about the book, but at least half the other reviews are by people I don’t know at all, and that’s very gratifying!

In another piece of good news, I’ve been selected as the 2015 Massachusetts Art Education Association Community Arts Educator of the Year in recognition of my “Significant contribution to the field of Art Education in Massachusetts. “

I will receive this award at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston in a ceremony on November 8th that’s free and open to the public.

Best Wishes, Dean

Amazon link to  Creating Abstract Art, by Dean Nimmer

Barnes and Noble link to  Creating Abstract Art, by Dean Nimmer

Wal-Mart link to Creating Abstract Art, by Dean Nimmer














AVAILABLE NOW – Receive an original drawing FREE when you buy Dean Nimmer’s book Art From Intuition HERE.  

About Art from Intuition

What happens when an artist becomes blocked or is searching for new ideas for his or her work? In his book, Art From Intuition, Dean Nimmer draws on his 38 years as a dynamic and skilled art educator to offer new paths to overcome barriers and be fully engaged in the process of making art. With over 60 innovative exercises – painting blindfolded, drawing moving figures, composing with candle smoke – this book motivates the reader to step beyond traditional techniques to find their own original artistic voice.

“Art from Intuition is a gem of a book and one of the best guides that I have read for those hoping to initiate and sustain the practice of artistic expression.”
Shaun McNiff – Artist, teacher and author of Trust the Process and many books on creativity.

“This book is just excellent and I will be recommending it to my students and colleagues constantly! This is the gold standard, as far as I am concerned – not just for artists but for anyone who wants to enrich his or her life through art making.
Adria Arch – Artist, teacher and former student of Professor Dean Nimmer

Dean Nimmer wins the 2010 Distinguished Teaching of Art Award given by the 16,000-member College Art Association.

The award reads, “Dean Nimmer, professor emeritus at the Massachusetts College of Art, has had a distinguished, dynamic, and astonishing career as an educator, empowering generations of artists through his enthusiasm and unbridled creativity. After thirty-four years of teaching painting, drawing, and printmaking in Boston, Nimmer thwarted all expectations for a retired professor by… [more]

News Article: Artist Encourages a Desire to Create [SOURCE]


  1. Hi, Dean: Your blog looks great! OX –Joy

  2. Hi Dean,

    The blog looks amazing! And I just can’t wait to see finished copies of the book.


  3. Excellent! Eagerly awaiting its arrival.

  4. Hey, you’re the Man

  5. I look very forward to reading this book! It sounds wonderful!

    Thank you for writing it!

  6. The projects in Dean Nimmer’s book “Art from Intuition” are clearly laid out, engaging and easy for students to follow and full of insight. His use of various materials, in fact just about every art material imaginable from collage to pencil, makes for beautiful works of art. Professor Nimmer aims to encourage his students’ “inner voices” to emerge through the process of making art – the same beneficial process students experience using the techniques in Betty Edwards’ book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.
    Brian Bomeisler, artist and teacher of “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workshops”

  7. Dean, the book is just excellent. I already have my copy and will be recommending it to my students and colleagues constantly. This is the gold standard, as far as I am concerned – not just for artists but for anyone who wants to enrich his or her life through art making.
    Best of luck with it!

  8. I follow your posts for a long time and should tell you that your posts always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  9. Great book, it really helps, highly recommended!!

  10. Just bought your book and read through the first chapters. Now it is time to start doing the exercises. I hope that this will overcome my block and start ‘playing’ again. Thanks for writing this book!

  11. I just read a review about your book and am looking forward to checking it out myself…I can’t wait to tell my coaching clients about it!

  12. Love your work!

  13. I bought this on sight from the bookstore last night. I will start implementing its exercises and insights quickly with my own teaching and practice. Tonight, in fact, a local gallery is sponsoring a kind of community drawing event, and I look forward to diving in headfirst in the manner Prof. Nimmer advocates!

  14. the thing that is best about abstract art is that it takes the imagination of the viewer to make sense of it —

  15. This book came to me just when I needed it most. Thank you so much for stopping by Free Wing Watercolour. I cannot tell you how wonderful this has made me feel. On my journey as an self taught artist i’ve taken a lot of classes and read a lot of books, and this in on the top of my list as best read. The inspiration,encouragement and exercises are for every artists, branching out or pro’s who need a new direction. Thank you,its really made a difference.

  16. Hi Dean,
    I hope you remember me from MassArt. I graduated 1978, and was in the illustration department. I came across you from the Art New England 2011 catalogue. I would love to take your class and reconnect. I’ll start by getting this book ! Looking forward to reading and experiencing it !

  17. You made some really good points there. I looked
    on the internet to find out more about the issue and found most people will
    go along with your views on this site.

  18. Dean has always been an “outside of the box” kind of thinker. He once dresses up as a super hero in a leotard and cape, as a part of our MassArt coffeehouse program. He, along with Johanna Gill and Ben Ryterband, performed as a rip-off Flying Wallendas group. Not too shabby, as inspired, humor filled 1975 educators at an art school.

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